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3 Peaks

Many people will think this information is of no use at all but believe me you are so wrong. I have been on numerous hikes up Lions Head, Table Mountain and Devils Peak and I have been shocked to see what shoes and attire have been worn by fellow “hikers”. People please, you cannot attempt to hike up a mountain with flip flops, if that’s what you want to wear then rather go for a stroll on Clifton 4th beach.


3 of my most recent hikes:

  1. Devils Peak

This was the toughest one of the 3 peaks for me, it took us about 3h30m to get up and down, and the last section getting to the top is a tough as tits. My advice would be to take it nice and slow, enjoy the views, pack a picnic spread and allow about 5 hours of your day to this activity. Yes, it can be done quicker, but just enjoy it and make a day of it.

  1. Table Mountain via Platteklip Gorge

It is a tad bit easier than Devils Peak but the views are not as pleasing on the eye. It took us 2 hours up and down. Please note that I didn’t take much of a break at the top and instead of walking down I ran down. I would set aside 4 hours which will allow for a steadily paced walk up, break on the top and a slower walk down.

  1. Lions Head

This is the easiest of the three peaks, I managed to get it done in about 1h25m. It is a steep walk up a gravel road with stunning views. The last stretch will require you to climb up rocks with the assistance of metal chains. Many people think this is a super easy hike, it is not.

Please note that all three peaks require a moderate level of fitness to make it more of a comfortable hike. Beginners, don’t be afraid to start the hike, you can always turn around half way or when you are feeling tired. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, just be extra careful and make sure you follow the below guidelines.

3 Peak hiking essentials:

  • Comfortable closed shoes, not necessary hiking boots, but I would advise closed shoes.
  • Water – Please don’t be that person that takes 500ml’s of water on a 5km hike at the hottest time of the day.
  • I personally have a 2 litre hydration pack, but if you don’t have this make sure to take a backpack so that you have place to store your water. By storing your water, you have two hands freely available in case you need them.
  • Fully charged cell phone with emergency numbers saved on them, you know, just in case of an emergency. And to take selfies.
  • Food stuff – Preferably bananas, apples or mixed nuts as they are the easiest to carry and also can boost your energy if need be.
  • A hat and sunscreen
  • A windbreaker regardless of the weather on that day
  • Pepper spray is a must, even if you think you have a black belt in Karate, I would suggest taking pepper spray with.

The don’ts of hiking 3 peaks (And general hiking):

  • Never hike alone
  • Don’t stray off the path
  • Please don’t litter
  • Also, don’t do drugs
  • Don’t hang off cliffs for Instagram worthy photos
  • Try not hike after dark
  • Don’t hike in flip flops
  • Don’t underestimate the difficulty of any hike
  • You should never overestimate your ability (fitness) to hike

Always try do the following:

  • Hike in groups
  • Let people know where you are planning on hiking
  • Obey above rules
  • Pack the essentials
  • Stay on the path
  • Respect nature and the area you are in

*The above information is that of an inexperienced hiker, who wears Nike running shoes instead of Salomon Trail shoes!


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