Never had I ever pictured myself waking up at 04:30 every morning to go do 800 skips, 50 burpees, 25 box jumps, 42 squats, 35 reverse lunges, 15 kettle bell swings and 40 wall balls, and this all before the average human has had the chance to take their morning piss.

Functional Training

My daily routine involves me waking up at 04:30 every morning, smacking the snooze button about 3 times, sitting at the end of the bed saying “Do I really need to be fit” and eventually putting the kettle on at 04:45. I then have my morning wee, put on my gym clothes, have my coffee, brush my teeth, wash my face, grab my stuff and leave the house by 05:15.

Some useful “to do the night before” steps to help you get ready super fast in the morning:

  1. Pack work bag
  2. Pack shower bag
  3. Set gym clothes out on spare bed.
  4. Untie shoe laces and leave shoes next to couch – No struggles in the morning while your eyes are still stuck together with sleep because its so frieken early.
  5. Put water in kettle so that all you have to do is switch it on.
  6. Pack prepped meals in front of the front so its just about grab and go.
  7. Make sure there is petrol in your car
  8. Question yourself and your decisions thousands of times while getting all the above ready.
  9. Don’y forget your food. Hangry is an emotion.

Repeat the above process Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday is optional, but hey, what else do I have to do at that time on a Saturday morning?