Will perfection help us with our weight loss?

What is perfection and how do we find it?

We are constantly in search of:

  • The perfect Instagram filter – Instagram filters can’t change your kak personality.
  • The perfectly cooked chicken breast – It is dry and will always be dry.
  • The perfect gym – All of them are sweaty
  • The perfect running gear – Chafing is imminent
  • The perfect fuccking skipping rope – Not happening
  • The perfect meal plan – The Wonder Nut is not a meal plan

We are searching for all of the above just so that we can achieve…..

The perfect summer body

Why are we constantly searching for perfection?

Because we are quietly and constantly forced into finding that falsely advertised perfect“.

  • That summer body made in that “non judgmental” gym
  • That summer body that is made by entering that 8 week challenge
  • That summer body that is made by drinking those magical shakes

What happens when we don’t have that perfect summer body after doing all of the above?

We quit

The other day I read something and it really got to me. It got to me so badly that I actually felt some emotion….

What we eat in private is what we reflect in public“.

Mandy, you are being ridiculous, it is only a saying!

I know. Problem is, it was used as a marketing ploy within the health and fitness industry.

< I haven’t even stepped into the establishment yet and I have already been judged by the way I look. >

It is basically saying “You have been eating shit. We know this because you are overweight. You are overweight so you should exercise. You should exercise to lose weight.

We know this, but like anyone with an addiction, we are really not keen on blatantly exposing ourselves and our food addiction in front of large masses of judgmental people.

Anyone that thinks it is easy to just drop that junk food and head out to the gym to lose weight, do yourself a favour and read the below.


The drug addicts begging for money……

Are they smoking their meth while begging?

No, even they hide their problems.

What we really need to do is:

  • Stop trying to live the perfect life
  • Find what works for us and go with it
  • Stop falling for marketing tricks
  • Start believing in ourselves

Creating progress outweighs finding perfection