Fear of failure….

Imagine for a moment. Just imagine.

Imagine that you weren’t scared of failing?

Read that again, please.


Wait, ok. Here is a real life scenario that everyone can relate to…


There is this girl or guy that you like. You hang out together. You do cool stuff together. You are attracted to this person. This person could very well be attracted to you too.

But, you are too afraid to make a move.

Now you are going to spend the rest of your life thinking that you were friendzoned, because you were scared to take a chance.

There could be many reasons for you not going up to this person and asking them on a date. You could be scared of rejection, afraid the answer was no. You could have been scared of what your friends think of you if the answer was no. 

What if this person said yes? Then what? You could very well have been scared that if the person said yes that the relationship could be a failure?

You will never know if you don’t try

I have heard these so many times…

  • What if I don’t finish the race?
  • What if I don’t get any clients?
  • What if she doesn’t give me her number?
  • What if I don’t get the job?
  • What if I don’t lose weight?

Now let me ask you this…


What if you never gave up trying? [Watch Video Here]

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”