Fat Loss Guides

I have taken 5 years worth of my fat loss knowledge and created 10 self-study guides. These guides are not some quick fix, they are the secret to fat loss and will be the perfect kick start for you. Sustainability is key, and that is what I put full focus on. I give you the knowledge, you put it into action.

*Upon purchasing the below, for just R99, I will give you access to 10 tutorial videos, as well as calculate your daily calorie and protein targets for you. This will give you the kickstart that you are looking for.

Study Guides
Once-off purchase of 10 study guides
If you are not keen on the coaching side of things, but need a little guidance to help you in the right direction and kick start your weight loss journey, purchase these study guides now. These are self-study guides that contain more than enough information to guide you to success, along with your hard work of course.