[Before Fat Loss] Mandy do you really think you should be eating that? You should eat more vegetables? Maybe you shouldn’t have that pie? Mandy you were so drunk last night!

[During Process] Ag Mandy, 1 cupcake won’t do harm. Have just one beer. Stop being so strict. You can eat dark chocolate. When are you going back to normal.

[After Fat Loss] You should really eat more. Do you even enjoy what you are eating? What are you trying to prove. Your food stinks.

On a more serious note:

1. What do you eat?

I focus on eating good clean healthy food.

I stay away from processed foods.

I avoid sauces.

2. How much do you eat?

A lot. I eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack & dinner. I can afford to eat so much because I don’t waste my calories on shit.

3. Do you eat carbs?

Do you even know what carbs are? I eat loads of carbs, especially on days that I train more than once per day. I eat Sweet Potato. I eat Carrots. I eat Apples. I eat Oats. I eat starchy veggies. I eat in moderation and according to a plan. Just because it is healthy doesn’t mean I eat 10 of it!

4. You probably never have Sugar? When last did you have sugar?

Today Sue, I had sugar today. The sugar in my fruit.

5. You know so much about nutrition and exercise so it must have been easy for you?

I have studied Tourism Management, Tourist Guiding & Digital Marketing, not nutrition and sports science. If you want something, you go get it. I used Google. Google is a free resource tool. You should try it.

Google nutritional value of foods. Google what foods are high in sugar. Google carbs. Google life.


Breakfast: Protein shake & Apple after gym. Egg White Muffins

Lunch: Chicken Breast. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Tomatoes, Baby Spinach.

Snack: Snap Peas. Cucumber. Green Beans.

Dinner: Mince, Sweet Potato, Gem Squash & Green Beans.

Please note that if I get hungry during the day I will eat carrots, cucumber, maybe some nuts. Also, meals vary and are not restricted to the above. The above is just what was prepped.