Fat Loss

Fat Loss

It is no secret that I was once fat, even if I didn’t realize it, I had people make sure that I knew it. Pretty nice people they are!

  1. How much fat did you get rid of?

I managed to work off 35 kilograms worth of fat.

  1. How long did it take you?

It took me 18 months, but the fun started at keeping the fat off.

  1. Do you have loose skin?

I am not sure if I have loose skin or if it is still unwanted body fat, either way I don’t really give a shit. Many people say they are worried about loose skin after weight loss, uhm maybe you should get rid of your fat first and then worry about the loose skin.

  1. Do you have stretch marks?

No, my body went from obese to perfect in just 18 months! Of course I have stretch marks.

  1. What are you using to get rid of the loose skin and stretch marks?

Nothing Sue, I am just drinking my water and exercising according to plan.


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