I love the “exercise” questions, because you know, we all have the same body types, we all love doing the same exercise ad we all feel that we need to be triathletes to lose that unwanted body fat!

1. What sort of exercise did you do to lose your body fat?

Firstly, I didn’t jump straight into exercise. I focused mainly on my nutrition for the first few months.

2. When you started exercising, what did you do? Did you lift weights, I heard thats good for weight loss?

  • I started by walking to the shop instead of driving.
  • After a couple of months I joined Adventure Boot Camp for woman.
  • I got to know the basic functional training terminology
  • I listened to the trainer instead of acting like I knew everything

3. So you managed to lose fat without lifting weights?

Yes Sue, I did. I focused on my nutrition and added exercise to get a little fitter.

4. So what did you do after Boot Camp?

I found a functional fitness gym, fell in love with the routines, the music and the atmosphere, and I am still there.

5. How many times a week do you train?

I train 6 times a week at the gym. I try and run 3 times a week after work. I try go for a hike once a month.

6. So I need to train that much if I want to get rid of my bingo wings?

No Sue, focus on your nutrition and stop eating shit.

7. I was told to lift weights!

Find something that you love and not what others love. If you enjoy doing something, you will want to do it and it will become part of your life.

I enjoy a challenge, so for me to try something new is what I thrive upon, but not everyone is the same.


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