Running Socks

Before you get excited and chase the kids out the room, this is not Sex Ed by Sue.

Disclaimer: Get the kids out the room if you have a foot fetish 

I am a runner, hiker, shit talker, pot stirrer, coffee addict (at least I am not shooting heroine in a dark alley somewhere), functional fitness wannabe and occasional speed walker.

3 of the above require my tools 

  • My tools are my feet
  • Naked feet rubbing against running, hiking or training shoes are no good. #WetterIsNotAlwaysBetter
  • I need to protect my feet – Always use protection
  • My feet need socks
  • Wrap it before you tap it

I am talking shit about the speed walking

My Feet

Anyone that knows me, will know that my feet are the “problem kid” of this body. My feet are also used more than the most popular lady of the night on Koeberg Road. I need my feet, and I need them to be right up there with the most protected organs of  my body.


When I started out on my fitness journey, I had no preference regarding socks, I sort of had like a “any hole is a goal” vibe going on, so whatever my feet could fit into, they were going into.

This was until I discovered the majestic, soothing comfort of Balega socks.

OMG, I shit you not, these are the best socks I have ever worn.

They have socks that fit all my needs.

  1. Blister Resit socks for my hiking expeditions
  2. Silver Performance socks for my running
  3. Enduro Technical running which I only use for my functional fitness classes

They are like the Durex of socks

I guard my socks with everything I have, I refuse to let any of my sock partners stray and mission off to the sock island.

I am an over protective sock mother.

PS…. I even own a pair of Ultralight socks with hearts on them – Shame, Sue can use those when she does her sex ed classes.

Balega Socks

For more information, check out the Balega international site