weight loss tips

Sue what?

If you follow my blog posts on a regular basis you are probably so confused right now….

“But Mandy, Sue meets & greets a dick every night”

I am not talking about dick like as in a baby maker, I am talking about Dick like as in a person, a real guy.

A guy named Dick

*Oh Fuck, this can only go downhill from here

On my latest Instagram post I mentioned that for you to achieve your goals, you need a strong  support systems and you should get rid of the assholes……

It got a lot of attention, click here to see it

If you haven’t met Sue……

Sue has been struggling with her weight for several years: Meet Sue

Added to this she is a ragging alcoholic

When she gets drunk she loves dick, in her mouth

Sue wants to lose weight but she needs support!

When Sue met Dick

  • Sue goes to the pub one night
  • She then orders every drink in sight
  • Sue meets Dick, a guy named Dick
  • Dick has a dick
  • Which Sue proceeds to lick
  • Dick sees a future
  • But Dick’s lack of support does not suit her
  • Turns out Dick does not only have a dick but he to is a dick

Sue is right back where she started and still lacks that ever so important support that she needs to succeed and push her during her weaker times.

*It may sound like it, but the clap is not a support system, it is a STD, and you want to avoid it.

A good support team is vital

It is of utmost importance that if you want to succeed in anything you do, you need to have people who support and believe in you.

*Also, learn to do things on your own as there are things that only you can do or push yourself to do.

You are a product of your surroundings

For Sue to achieve her goals of becoming healthier & losing weight, she needs to:

Surround herself with supportive people

Get rid of the negative nancies

Focus on her well being

Stop falling for dick

*The men (Dick), the one eyed mushroom (dick) & the assholes (dicks)

As we grow as individuals, we will eventually outgrow what we once thought was good for us.

Get it? Got it? Good!

Have you felt better and achieved goals after getting rid of certain toxic people?