Dirty Little LIes

Lies Be Told

Lies. Dirty little things.

When Sue told her mom that she lost her virginity at the age of 25, to a church going accountant, she was clearly telling a dirty little lie.

5 Lies you have told yourself

Have you ever told yourself one of these lies? Come on, be honest, I am sure you have? I sure have, actually I do. All the time. Lies. Dirty little Lies.

1 . Diet Starts Monday

You go to bed on Sunday night. Mentally prepped for your diet. You wake up and eat a donut. Fuck it, diet starts next Monday.

2 . I’m Never Running That Race Again

If you are a runner, I am that you have muttered these exact words more than once. Next year comes, and you are the first one to enter.

Here are more lies runners tell themselves!

3. Just One More

Just one more kilometer, just one more drink, one more chocolate.
Even Britney Spears wants it one more time.

4. I’ll Do It Tomorrow

We all know it is never going to be done tomorrow. Just do it today. Get it over and done with! Your tomorrow could always turn into your next year.

5. I Only Need a Basket

You only went shopping for earbuds, but turns out you ran into Sue in the shop and now you are buying wine, candles, condoms and sex toys.

The Biggest Lies

Are Sometimes The Lies That You Tell Yourself

The lies that you are telling yourself

Could be what is standing between you and success

The Sue Scenario

Sue lies to herself by believing that the only way to find true love is by getting drunk and then sleeping around.

*The sooner Sue stops bluffin with her muffin, the sooner she could find true love.

Not sure who Sue is? Find out here.

What is the most frequent dirty little lies that you tell yourself?