Diets that work

Diets and Relationships rather…

Ok Ok, this is not about sex, but more about relationships.

Actually an analogy.

Jumping from the word sex to analogy can be confusing for some, minds out the gutter people.


“a comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification”.

** I am not a big fan of the word “diet”, but it just works better for this analogy. Everywhere you read diet, replace it with “healthy lifestyle” **

Diets & Relationships

Diets are very much like relationships – You need to find one that works for you.

Trying to find a diet that works for you on Google is like trying to find a life partner on Tinder….

It is NOT going to happen on the first swipe.

Finding a diet/lifestyle that works for you could take multiple attempts, the same as finding the right life partner.

(Unless you get engaged to the next best thing)

The Sue Scenario

  • Sue enters a relationship
  • She is not entirely blown away
  • Her partner refuses to have sex with her on a regular basis
  • Bad jokes. Her partner tells bad jokes. Sue fakes a laugh.
  • A laugh is not the only thing Sue fakes.
  • She finds herself getting bored
  • All of a sudden, Sue is not only looking at another menu, but she is ordering off it as well.

Sue moves onto the next relationship, hoping this is the one.

It’s the same with diets…

You go for the one that looks the easiest.

None of them are easy. They all require work. Daily work.

Sometimes you get bored with the diet you are on because it is the same monotonous shit day after day.

That’s when you CHEAT and eat the food you are “not allowed to”

Relationships don’t always work out…

You go through life and change partners until you find the one that you truly love.

Your diet should be the same;

  • Create a diet that is actually a lifestyle
  • A diet that you can live with
  • One that you won’t need to cheat on because you have incorporated foods you enjoy.
  • One that doesn’t feel forced.
  • Sustainable

Keep working on it until you find the perfect match

Don’t let one failed weight loss attempt stop you from trying again.

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