Is Fokkol Is Festive

December is a tricky time of the year.

Day drinking is a real thing.

You head out to the shop for bread and milk and you end up coming home after dark, drunk.

How to stay lean over Christmas?

Yeah, I don’t have advice for you on that, because I for one plan on enjoying myself. 

Here are some tips on how to enjoy yourself without totally wrecking yourself:

1. Half Arsing things

This is the one time I would advise you to do things in a half arsed kind of way.

  • Instead of drinking the whole bottle of vodka, only drink half
  • Rather than eating the entire fruit cake, eat only half

2. Optional Activities

Don’t stop moving completely. 

  • If you wake up hungover, go for a swim or late afternoon walk.
  • Walk to the shop instead of driving, especially if drunk. 

*The walk of shame doesn’t count as exercise. *The activity leading up to the walk of shame does.

3. Meal Replacements 

No No, I’m not talking shakes. I will never talk shakes. 

  • Don’t make every meal a bad one
  • Pick your poison 

The most important things to remember:

Christmas, unlike Sue, only comes once a year. Enjoy it.

You are going to be around loved ones, make it a special one to remember. 

You have 11 and a half months of the year to focus on weight related issues.

Focus on your family and friends now.

Set dates and targets for January so that you know that the December plump has to come to an end at some stage.

Ho Ho Ho, don’t say no

  • Have drinks with friends and family
  • Eat that ice cream that you have been craving all year
  • Buy those ribs covered in BBQ sauce that you can’t afford during the year

Because no good story starts off with…

“My Christmas was great because I was cutting weight, and had to say no to everything I secretly wanted.”

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