Are you a calorie whore?

Counting calories can be extremely confusing and scary.

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The calorie bank

 1: Open a daily account with a bank of your choice

2: Request the daily amount of calories

3: Use only your daily amount or less

4: Be sure not to go into calorie credit

5: Repeat this step daily

This doesn’t have to be complicated. Don’t over complicate things. You don’t need starve yourself.

Eat your carbs before 6:49 pm? Nah man, live on the wild side, eat your carbs at 7:21 pm.

Oh but I need to add supplements. What about drinking shakes for lunch? How many weight to I need to lift?

Stop over complicating this, just stop.

To make things easier to understand, I have explained two separate scenarios. One bad case scenario and one good case scenario.

Scenario 1

  • Sue gets issued with 2000 calories for the day.
  • She uses a total amount of 2500 calories.
  • Unfortunately she ends the day on -500
  • Sue now has negative calories.
  • The slut owes the calorie bank.
  • Sue is fucked
  • You should never owe anyone anything

Sue now feels like she needs to go on the soup diet for the next couple of days.

If Sue repeats the above process for a regular period of time, Sue will start gaining weight and then turn to any sort of quick fixes.

Don’t be like Sue number 1

Scenario 2

  • Sue is issued 2000 calories
  • She uses a total of 1800 calories
  • Fortunately she ends the day with 200 calories remaining.
  • Sue has a calorie deficit
  • No wondernut diet for Sue

If Sue repeats this process for a number of days, weeks and months, Sue will start to lose fat. Sue won’t be tempted to look for quick fixes.

Be like Sue number 2

What is a calorie whore?

Sue saves her deficit of 200 calories per day, every day

At the end of every day, Sue puts her 200 calories in a savings account

By Sunday Sue has a deficit of 1400 calories

Sue decides to cash those calories and more in

Sue binges on wine and pizza

Again, Sue is fucked

Sue needs to go on that awful soup diet again

Don’t be a calorie whore

Throw away your deficit at the end of each day