How running and exercise make you a nicer person

  • constantly talking about your achievements?
  • demanding things to be done?
  • thinking you are the best at everything?
  • feel that other people are the problem?
  • Never say please or thank you?

Answered yes to majority of the above questions?

Follow these 7 steps to becoming a nicer person

1. Go for a run

Go outside. Run. Get fresh air. Experience the outdoors and nature. Wave at the other runners. Release those positive endorphins.

*Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. 

2. Join a group training session

You will have no other choice than to take instructions from someone other than yourself. Learn to trust others and the process. You will learn to appreciate what is done for you.

3. Take up boxing

Take your frustrations out on a boxing bag and not on peoples feelings.

4. Partake in an open water swim

You will be kicked in the face, ribs and the rest of the body and unfortunately you won’t be able to shout or verbally abuse the other people as you are surrounded by a mass of water that could potentially drown you.

5. Join a motivational group

You will learn that not everybody is out to get you. There are nice people out there that genuinely care for others and want to help.

6. Eat less sugary shit

Supposedly too much sugar can make you sad, I am no doctor so I wont go into detail, but cut down on sugar. Instead of judging and making fun of those eating veggies, maybe ask for their advice and join them?

7. Partake in a group sport

Group sports will bring you straight back down to earth. You are only as strong as your weakest link.

*Do shit for someone else and not just for yourself

Always remember the following:

Please and thank you’s are not frowned upon 🙂