Baby Steps to Weight Loss

First base is just as important…

Q: Why do you always want to skip the initial stages of everything?

A: Because they are hard and they are boring.

Everyone expects to see results immediately

Everyone wants to go from friends to 5th base, immediately. No one wants to be stuck in the friend zone, and have to work and charm their way through the various bases….

1. The “I tried everything, but I can’t lose weight” person

You tried everything, but you gave up at logging your calories or prepping your meals because it was too much effort?

2. The “I didn’t become the director, so I am resigning” person

You are upset because Peter got the Director gig and you didn’t, but did you observe what Peter did? He started from the bottom, worked his way up, and did all the small shitty jobs that no one else wanted to do.

3. The “You can run a marathon, but I can’t” person

The marathon runner started with a 5 km run, then went on to a 10 km run. This same marathon runner also wakes up at ungodly hours to go train.

A baby doesn’t just pop out and decide…

  • “fuck this, I’m to good to drag myself around on my bum.” or;
  • “Screw this crawling shit, I am going to walk from day one”


A baby has to go through all those shitty stages to get to the walking stages.

And only once at the walking stages do the parents and everything that is an aunty and an uncle go ape shit crazy and celebrate.

Yes, the baby steps are boring

The initial stages are tedious AF

And yes, these steps go unnoticed

But guess what?

These steps play a vital role in your success

Bragging about reaching 5th base will earn you more street cred, I understand that, but just remember that 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th base play a vital role in you reaching 5th base!

This applies to anything you do in life!