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Sue & Dick

Running 4 Sugar

Who is Sue, and what other addictions does she have besides sugar? For those struggling with a sugar problem and think that fit people don’t, continue reading this for kick up the butt you need right now! Find out more!…

Cape Town Trails

Running 4 Views

Cape Trails By running 4 views, I don’t mean for views on social media accounts, I mean actual views, views that mother nature as on offer. Today I changed things up a bit, instead of my normal parkrun after gym…


Running 4 Coffee

[POST UPDATE] // 24 August Help me get Mags new glasses before she makes me tea instead of coffee, due to not being able to see what she is doing. I need to raise a minimum of R1500 for my very…


Running 4 Women

Run for more than a personal best. Run for the thousands of women who are, have and will be affected by breast cancer. I run for me, And I run for you, But, I run for mothers, Sisters, Daughters, I…


Running 4 proving a point

Running – So every part of me wants to explain this experience in a seriously sarcastic manner, but its just not possible. We were sat around the dinner table at mom and dads in August 2016, just before my first…


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