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My Story

Weight Loss and me. I know how it feels to be morbidly obese, and I know how it feels to lose weight. I know the struggles, I know the pain. I know how it feels to start exercising and running at such a late age.

I know the feeling of wanting to better yourself.

The Truth, I’ve got that going

  • I don’t have the perfect six pack, or that perfect bikini body that everyone is so aimlessly chasing.
  • I don’t have the fastest running times, neither do I have years of running experience.
  • I don’t have a cupboard full of supplements waiting to be used.
  • I don’t have an Instagram profile full of sponsored products that I got for free just to fool you into buying them.
  • Lies, I don’t have them.
  • Guessing is not my game.
  • I have my story. I have my weight loss experience. I have knowledge of the struggle.
  • I know the struggle. I know how real it is. I have fought the struggle and I have come out victorious.

Let me be by your side to when you fight your struggle

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Disclaimer: I have gained some weight, so I no longer look like this model. I have some extra cushion for the pushing now.

 Dear #myfutureself

Focus on yourself
Learn to say no and not feel bad about it.
Be patient and know that pain has purpose.
Don’t settle, don’t get comfortable
Set goals so big that you need to grow as a person to achieve them.
Keep pushing
Never fucking give up

Be yourself, be kind!

Yours sincerely,



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