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Just another unlicensed runner fueled by lack of sleep, coffee and sweet potatoes!

Yes, I once had loads of body fat. No, I don’t have some sweet tasting magic fat loss tablet, but I do have the bitter truth! 

Hi, my name is Mandy Meyer and I am sarcastic as Pink Himalayan Salt, oh and the curse words fly out of my mouth faster than Wayde Van Niekerk reacts to the starting gun of a race.

Sales & Marketing Manager by day, so really just a sh!t talking problem solver, an after hours limit pusher, and 24 hour pot stirrer!

Follow me on my journey, the journey that I am not quite sure of which direction it is going, but I know that it started with a change of lifestyle, change of mind and a change of attitude about things I thought I never cared about.


For the grammar police; My strengths: Calculating run times, pacing and calories burnt. My weaknesses: Spelling, grammar and sentence structure.

Dear #myfutureself

Focus on yourself
Learn to say no and not feel bad about it.
Be patient and know that pain has purpose.
Don’t settle, don’t get comfortable
Set goals so big that you need to grow as a person to achieve them.
Keep pushing
Never fucking give up

Be yourself, be kind!

Yours sincerely,

Read my transformation story here.

For those interested, my current personal bests are as follows;

5 km: 25:14 || 10 km: 56:15 || 21.1 km: 2:14:47