Group Coaching

Start Date: 11 Jan 2021

End Date: 07 Mar 2021

This is not your average group 8 week weight loss coaching program.
You know, the one where the only accountability you have is that from the other group members and not the actual coach.

This is also not your normal 8 week weight loss challenge.
You know, the one where training twice a day and going full restrictive is the norm, because you want to win.

This is not your school girl popularity contest.
You know, the one where you form part of a group and told what to do on the daily, to win the contest.


This IS your 8 week group coaching accountability program.
With me as your nutrition coach.
For 8 weeks, I am going to guide you along with the rest of the group, to the start of your healthier life.


● Daily & weekly calorie goals calculated by me.
● 10 Study Guides to help you understand the weight loss process.
● Nutrition Education
● Weekly check-ins via group zoom call.
● Access to a Facebook group along with all other group members, where you can ask unlimited questions.
● Live weekly Q&A’s on the Facebook group.
● Weekly challenges to keep you motivated.
● Powerful weekly educational videos to help you understand everything.
● You will be mentored and held accountable by me and not by some random group admins.
● Group accountability.
● Daily check-ins from me on the Facebook group.
● I will be there for you every single step of the way.

This is not me handing you a generic meal & training plan at the start of the 8 weeks, and then whispering good luck as I wave you goodbye.

8 Week Group Coaching
Once-Off payment for the full 8 weeks
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*International & Credit Card Payments Accepted


All coaching sessions such as the Q&A’s, the progress check-in’s, the mindset sessions and the nutrition sessions will either be done by Google Meet, Zoom or Facebook Live.

Which means:

● If you can’t make it to a session, it will be there for you to watch at a later stage.
● You don’t have to be in the same timezone as me. You can sign up and join from any country.
● You can watch it over and over again until you understand it.

Don’t fear, I’ve got you….


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