Not so unspoken of fears of a every runner

Strava judgement is a real fear!

As runners we all have different fears. Some of us fear that we may come last, others fear that they could lose a toe nail. Some fears are legit and others not so legit.

I have highlighted some of the more legit and major fears that runners are faced with nowadays.

1. Fitness watch not starting or dying mid run

Because, if it is not recorded on Stava, did it even happen?

2. Shitting yourself during a race

Because it’s ok to shit yourself during a training run but not during a race, that’s just awkward.

3. Not finding any post race photo’s of yourself

Because if there is no photo’s, did you even run the race?

4. Looking like shit in your post race photo’s

Looking like shit means that you can’t share your photos, and if no one sees your photos did you even run?

5. Starting in a pen that is not up to your standards

You’ve been placed in pen F but according to you and your Strava times you should be in pen C. Is it even a race if you start in the wrong pen?

6. Being judged by your Strava peeps

Runs 3.49 seconds slower than usual, feels the need to explain the cramps at mile 2.1 just to make sure that everyone is aware of the reasons for the slower time.

7. Running the same pace with “annoying” people

Susan, we understand that you think your son is the best at everything and his private school fees are unreasonable, but seriously, 42.2 km is still a very long way to go with you and your bitching.

Worst Case Scenario

  • You have to start in Pen F when you know you should be in Pen B.
  • Now you feel like you need to prove to everyone that you are indeed a faster runner.
  • Unfortunately your watch dies mid run, so there is no evidence on Strava.
  • Now you need to hope that one of the race photographers captures you picture
  • but instead they capture Susan and her mouth running in front of you.
  • To top it all off, you shit yourself
  • You then proceed to use your race number to cover up the poo evidence
  • And there goes your timing chip as well.

If it’s not on Strava…..

Did you even run, bro?

As a runner, what other fears do you have?

Drop them in the comments sections, let’s laugh together.