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5 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner On My Weight Loss Journey

I know, I know…

I usually come to you with a funny blog article, but I have now resigned as a clown. Being a clown is cool and all, but it doesn’t pay the rent.

So I am going to cut the bullshit and get straight to the point, in the hope it sinks in and you learn something.

The 5 points will really help you…

If you are struggling to get past the 2 week mark of your journey, or at a point where you are getting frustrated, the below is for you:

  • Focus less on the outcome, more on the journey.
  • Show yourself more compassion, be less of a douche to yourself.
  • Weight on the scale doesn’t equate body fat.
  • Your body is an average of what you do repeatedly.
  • It’s not a competition.

It is so important that you read the above points over and over again, until they sink it. Print them and put them on the fridge if you must.

Let Me Explain…

Ok, I am going to break the above 5 points down for you, only because they are so damn important!

  1. Focus less on the outcome

It is so important that you focus less on the outcome and more on the journey. You are going to make yourself go crazy if you get fixated only on the end goal and not on the process of getting to that goal. You need to make the journey an enjoyable one for yourself so that you can sustain it. Focusing only on the outcome will give you nothing to celebrate on route, and that will be shit for your self confidence.

2. Show yourself compassion

Please stop being so hard on yourself. Learn to take a step back and celebrate all the victories you have on your journey. You are only causing more harm to your self confidence. You need to build your confidence, and that means being kind to yourself.


3. It’s about so much more than body fat

There is so much more to this journey than your body fat percentage. There is your emotional well-being, your mental-well being, your strength, your health, your fitness and everything else that goes with it. You could have the ‘perfect’ body fat percentage, but if you are emotionally unhappy, your body fat means fokkol.

4. You are what you do repedetaly

You need to drop that ‘all or nothing’ mindset. That shit will get you nowhere. It is not what you do for one day that matters, it is what you do repedetaly over a consistent period of time.

5. It is not a competition

If you are competing against someone or a group, I have bad news – The weight loss probably won’t stick. You need to do it for yourself, at your own pace and according to a lifestyle that you can maintain. It is easy to give up everything for 8 weeks to win a weight loss competition, but it is not easy to sustain that weight loss.

I have learnt the hard way.

I have been through all the same weight loss struggles that you are currently facing.

And I can tell you now that if you adopt the top 5 principles, your weight loss journey may feel less overwhelming.

Last solid tip – Get rid of the idea of INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

If you know the above already, but struggle with it hit the button below. Imagine the changes that you can make if you have me reminding you of the above and so much more every single day, over a period of 6 weeks?

My 6 week nutrition program is a game changer. I know that for a fact.