Fat Loss

Excuse me Mandy, what exercises did you do to lose all your weight?


“I changed my diet”

The biggest misconception about weight loss is that you need to do hundreds of exercises or run thousands of kilometers in order to lose the desired amount of fat.

So, what you are saying is that you didn’t start your weight loss process by running a marathon?



Here are 5 small, but vital routine changes that I worked on during my first 15 kilogram loss:

1. Walk, don’t drive

It is that simple. If live nearby the shop you should be walking and not driving. Get those steps in, get that heart rate up.

*Also, it will force you to only buy  the necessary and not extra as you will have to carry the bags home.

2. Use the stairs, not the lifts

Once again, get moving, get that heart rate going. All the small movements add up.

*If you have a meeting on the 15th floor, maybe take the stairs for 5 floors, then take the elevator for the next 10. This will allow you time to catch your breath before your meeting.

3. Park far away

If you do drive to the shop or the mall make sure that you park far away. This will force you to walk more.

*Also, don’t be that dick that blocks all the traffic because you are waiting for the front parking bay.

4. Use a shopping basket, not a trolley

Pushing a shopping trolley is easy. Don’t do easy. Carry a basket. Work those arms.

*Also, the basket has less space for shit you don’t need.

5. Keep yourself busy

If you have stairs in your house, walk up and down them while you wait for your food to cook. Walk up and down the passage way while waiting. Don’t sit on the couch.


Don’t over complicated things

Get the basics right first

*You don’t need to run a marathon to lose weight, you just need to get your diet right and get moving.

5 Steps to lose fat