Creating Habits

Weight loss and healthy habits go hand in hand. Weight loss, being healthy and exercising, in my eyes, is no short term project.

To create a healthy lifestyle which is sustainable you will need to create healthy habits.

Creating healthy habits through focusing on:

  1. Eat

  2. Drink

  3. Exercise

  4. Sleep

  5. Learn / Knowledge


  • Eat out less, eat more of your home cooked meals
  • Start meal prepping
  • Start adding greens to your meals


  • Start choosing healthy beverages
  • Cut back on the booze
  • Increase your water intake


  • Trying getting to bed earlier
  • Waking up earlier has benefits
  • Avoid tech before bed


  • Start by walking
  • Instead of lying on the couch, get moving
  • Add parkruns to your weekend plans

Learn / Knowledge

  • Ask questions and be inquisitive
  • Find out about calories and how much certain foods contain
  • Track your calories

These are merely a few examples of how one needs to approach the change. In depth habit changing will be tackled in my coaching programs.



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