Mister bear and his ludicrous requests again.

At least this time it’s for his little friends and it’s for a good cause.

As a kid, I was pretty good at sport, played netball, did athletics and competed against other really fast swimmers in galas. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. This involved my parents working extra hard to provide me with netball shoes, athletics clothes and private swimming lessons. It also involved them sending me to extra math lessons because I never did homework because you know, sport.

As a kid, I didn’t realize how lucky and privileged I was.

I thought life was shit because we didn’t have M-Net and I couldn’t watch South Park! #WhoKilledKenny

As a kid, an English kid in a very Afrikaans school, all I wanted was a medal, but only ever got certificates. #FarmSchools

I had everything I needed but yet all I wanted was a medal.

Fast Forward a few years….

After the past year of doing a fair amount of running, I have a handful of medals and even though each one has a story, they are just collecting dust.

This got me doing some research and lead to me making a couple of phone calls:

  • Badges for bravery is a project run by Friends of The Children’s hospital at Red Cross!
  • Help make a sick kid smile
  • Each kid receives a medal after their surgery to honor their bravery.
  • The medals handed to the brave kids are provided by the public
  • The more medals, the better


If you have been following my posts you will know that over September and October I will be running a minimum of 200 km.

If you haven’t been following me posts, find out more now!

I was thinking about how to reach my target of 200 km without getting bored;

  • Get someone else to do it for?
  • Say that I did it?
  • I could delete my blog?
  • I could run to work and back, but I would probably be attacked though.

Or I could actually stick to my word and do it, and while doing it, make it as fun, positive and helpful as possible.

What came to mind? Trail Runs, and with trail runs come medals, medals that are nice but not what I need. Who needs them? The brave kids that have survived surgery at such a young age.

Over September and October I will complete my 200 km by doing as many races as possible to collect as many medals as possible to donate along with my current collection of medals.


Anyone who feels like they don’t need their medals can contact me and I will make a plan to collect them.


Running 4 Medals

Find out more about The Friends of The Children’s Hospital!

If any of the trail run organizers have any left over medals from events and don’t know what to do with them, give me a shout!

My contact:

021 385 1530 (Ask to speak to Mandy) 🙂