The easiest recipe ever // Muesli

You are thinking “Why make your own Muesli when you can just buy it?” Right!

Well, in my opinion, most the Muesli’s you buy in the shop are probably made by Willy Wonka himself; Sugar coated shit! And the muesli in the health section of the shop is expensive as lube in the Kalahari, because that’s the price we pay for trying to be healthy and all.

So here is what I did:

  • I went to Wellington to do the parkrun (Read about it here)
  • Woke up early, smashed a quick 5 km run
  • Stopped at the pet store on the way home. (Yes the pet store! No I wasn’t getting  treats for my cat)
  • Bought some sunflower seeds and some nuts
  • Then I stopped at the Safari Dried fruit store and bought the rest of my ingredients.
  • The Avo’s below were picked off some old lady’s avo tree in Paarl. #HunterGather


*Disclaimer: This was all done under close supervision of my mom as she is the rightful owner of this recipe, bird seed and all!

Fun Facts:

  1. Pet Store Sunflower seeds 500g (R22)
  2. Natures Choice Sunflower seeds 160g (R19)
  3. Woolies Sunflower Seeds 250g (R32)

And they all taste exactly the same! #Shock&Horror

The process to making this muesli mix is pretty simple right, you just throw everything together and boom muesli made! Well no, because I am pedantic, I measured / weighed everything to get more or less an idea of the calorie count per pack made.

For all you lazy mofos, it’s only a pleasure.

All of these ingredients can be put in the over for a good couple of minutes for roasting. Keep them in the oven just long enough not to burn them.

*All the ingredients, Avo’s not included, cost around R250. I can safely say that I will have enough muesli packs for the month if I have 1 per day! The coconut flakes, cranberries and pumpkin seeds will do for next month as well!

Nothing beats some good tasting seeds & nuts (in your mouth)!