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Weight Loss | People want to know what my secret is, well here it is:

Get off your ass and work for what you want.

Timeline26th June 2017, where do I even begin. 26th of June 2017 is the day that I started my transformation challenge. I entered the challenge thinking it was only a body transformation challenge, man was I so incredibly wrong. The goals that I set were so big that I literally had to transform as a person to reach those goals.

Tips to succeeding:

Research things you don’t know

Plan things

Say no

Do it for yourself

Track your calories

Stop making excuses

Don’t rely on motivation from others

I was told “Oh but you had already lost 25 kilograms going into this challenge so it must have been easy for you” NEWSFLASH // It was the most difficult 8 weeks ever, here is why: I tracked and weighed every damn food item that I ate, I said no to basically everything, I planned my life and work around food, meal prep, training, running and making sure my partner and cat have food!

I gave up the few things left that I enjoyed; namely

  1. Sushi
  2. Dairy, meaning no cappuccinos
  3. Anything that is a sauce
  4. Alcohol
  5. Oats
  6. Restaurants
  7. Any guilty pleasures that I indulged in occasionally

*Disclaimer: It may seem excessive, but I entered a challenge, not a walk in the park. With anything in life, you need to give up things to move forward! They say nothing grows in your comfort zone. Will I include the above back into my daily routine? Not necessarily but at least I know that they will still be there if I feel like indulging. I lie, I will have sushi once in a while!

So, what did I actually eat:

  1. I ate about 65000 chickens and their unborn
  2. 15425 Plantation fields of sweet potatoes
  3. Enough cauliflower and broccoli to provide enough gas to the African continent
  4. The lean mince of 1200 cows
  5. Enough spinach to f*#k Popeye up
  6. I ate so much pumpkin that I feel I have the right to make this lame joke: What is a pumpkin’s favorite sport?

Avoid man made food that is advertised on TV

What exercise did I do?

*Disclaimer: I did not only run for this transformation, there was loads of other exercise that actually took place!
  1. I trained twice a day, 5 times a week, and once a day once a week.
  2. Training consisted of functional training, home workouts, running and hiking.
  3. I literally pushed myself till I couldn’t anymore.
  4. Even when I wasn’t training I tried to stay active.

WTF is a burpee slam ball anyway – After training for 8 weeks straight I get thrown this exact exercise. For me a burpee slam ball will forever be renamed as “the nail in the coffin”.  

1 Week active rest here I come!



So wait, you telling me there is no magic pill or secret meal plan, like the cabbage soup diet?

Hahaha, no there isn’t.

Consistency is key

56 days

Once again, make sure that your calories in are less than your fucken calories out! Don’t over complicate the process, your life is complicated enough.

I had days where I was loving the process and then I had days where all I wanted and fucken needed was a Cappuccino and 6 shots of Jager. There were days of laughter and then there were days that I cried, I never cry!

I remember one specific day, it must have been about 4 weeks into the challenge, I was tired, work was chaotic and I wasn’t seeing the results – I sat on the couch, looked at my boyfriend with tears in my eyes and just said: “I can’t even do this anymore, what is the point anyway,  this is ridiculous, no one even cares anyway.” He looked at me and said; “You are stronger than that.”

fronts article

8 Week difference

Winter Challenge 17

8 Week difference


2016 vs 2017

Quick answers not quick fixes:

  1. There is no quick fix
  2. You need to do the hard work
  3. Stop eating half a salad and the left over flakes of a rice cake for your meals
  4. Calculate your calories and eat accordingly
  5. Eat to fuel your body
  6. Create a sustainable balanced plan
  7. Don’t beat yourself up about the the small mistake you make, but also don’t make the same fucken mistakes over and over, as it is then no longer a mistake but rather a choice.
  8. Start small and with the basics
  9. Read all the ingredient labels – Even certain spices have sugar in!
  10. Surround yourself with positive people and supportive people
  11. Get rid of everyone that has something to say about your journey / plan / goals – You don’t need that negativity in your life!

Started from the bottom….

Pub Photos

Now we here // Literally on top of a mountain

This is your body, do it for yourself.

Its not your bosses, not your moms, not your brothers, not the homeless guy along the roads, its yours! I am super proud when I land new contracts at work, or when I reach deadlines, or when I packed the dishwasher correctly as a kid, or when I picked up the dog shit without been asked to, but none of that felt as great as what this feels, because it was for someone else and not for myself!