Cape Town Trails

Cape Trails

By running 4 views, I don’t mean for views on social media accounts, I mean actual views, views that mother nature as on offer.

Today I changed things up a bit, instead of my normal parkrun after gym I decided to mission up Lions Head. I hiked up and decided to start running down! Due to the momentum I ended up running all the way to my car!

Everyone enjoys different types of running, some like road running which offers minimal views, some prefer trail running, others say running on a treadmill is the best as it offers the view of a TV, some don’t run and others run from the weight section in the gym to the selfie section to have a view of themselves.

I am one of those people that like trying new things and just really love the outdoors. In other words, the treadmill is not for me. Why run on a fucken treadmill and stare at a TV, when you can run outside?

Many people will argue with me and say but “it’s much safer to run on a treadmill because you can’t get knocked over by a car or be robbed”, yes, but have you felt how unstable you feel once you get off the treadmill? You could possibly fall and break a leg!

Yes, running outside has its negatives, and yes when trail running you could possibly get robbed, but hey its South Africa, your chances of getting robbed are pretty fucken good anyway if we are to be honest!

Check these views out, tell me, do you still want to spend your Saturday morning running on a treadmill?


Please tell me again why the treadmill is better than the outdoors? Don’t get me wrong, run on your stupid treadmill during the week, but make the effort to get out there once in a while even if it is just to appreciate what we have been blessed with!

*Much love to all you treadmill lovers 😊

*Disclaimer: I have nothing against road runners, trail runners, beginners or anyone that is at least trying! Well done.