[POST UPDATE] // 24 August

Help me get Mags new glasses before she makes me tea instead of coffee, due to not being able to see what she is doing.

I need to raise a minimum of R1500 for my very own superhero, and I need your help.

Help create as much attention (like, share & comment) to this post as possible until it reaches someone who can help, or even donate R10 of your own if possible!

Anyone that knows me will know that I absolutely love coffee. I love filter coffee, I love a lekker latte, don’t even get me started on Cappuccinos, and even a good cuppa instant coffee will make my heart skip a beat.

I have major trust issues, as in I don’t trust anybody with the making of my coffee because they usually make shit coffee! Especially those tea drinkers, they have no clue how to make coffee. #FuckenTeaDrinkers

Wait, there is one person that I trust, she is my very own superhero and her name is Mags. She also likes teasing me on a daily basis.

Mags is our office barista and makes the best coffee ever. She knows exactly when I need a cup of coffee, she knows what strength to make it and she keeps up date with when I drink milk and when I don’t.

Mags has other super powers as well:

  • Water warrior – If there is any left-over water in our trucks water tanks she makes sure to use that first.
  • Extreme Tupperware packer – Due to the fact that I eat to fuel my body I tend to eat a lot, meaning I have shit loads of Tupperware at work. She makes sure I go home with clean Tupperware and lids every day.
  • Content cooler bag washer – Due to me eating like a cavewoman, Mags feels the need to wash my cooler bag every day before packing the clean Tupperware back in.

To do all of the above our very own friendly barista needs new glasses, because one super power she was not blessed with was very good eye sight.

#HaaiShame #BlindAsABat

I will run 1 km for every like and share that this post generates until we reach the goal of getting my superhero new glasses. I will run the total amount of km’s over the duration of September.

Please note: If this post goes viral, the total run kilometers will be split up into a high but doable amount per month.

(This post won’t go viral)



Please feel free to contact me (Mandy) on: 073 255 5841 or, if you have any spare change lying around that you feel you could donate.