Run for more than a personal best. Run for the thousands of women who are, have and will be affected by breast cancer.

I run for me,

And I run for you,

But, I run for mothers,



I run for fighters,


And victors,

I run for life!

I love running, I am not necessarily a big fan of waking up early and waiting around in the cold, but I love running.

My alarm was set for 05:15 this morning, which by the way is a public holiday in South Africa. Today is women’s day. Today was the day that I had committed to waking up early and running a 10 km race for all the women out there that are struggling with cancer.  I woke up so exhausted, mentally and physically.  And I knew it was going to take a lot!

I struggled to wake up this morning.

I must have hit snooze about 10 times this morning, thinking of any excuse not go partake in the run I promised I would do.

This is where I realized that my struggle to get out of bed is nothing compared to all those women out there who are struggling to come to terms with the news they just received about having cancer, the struggle they are facing with the road that lies ahead of them and every other struggle that goes with cancer.




Today I got up and I went to run.

I ran.

Usually there are loads of thoughts that go through my mind when I run, but not today.

Today my mind was blank.

The hills didn’t bother me.

People didn’t bother me.

The weather didn’t bother me.

My running time didn’t bother me.

Today I was content.

I was content because I knew whatever my struggle was, it was nowhere near as big of a struggle as what those fighting cancer face or those who have fought cancer had faced.

Today I realized how blessed I am to have a healthy body that I can push to its limits every damn day.



*A massive shout-out to all organizers involved for putting together such a perfectly organised event.

Totalsports. Stillwater. Nike. Pinkdrive.