gun run

Running my first 10 km race

I decided to do the Gun Run as my first 10 km race, just because that’s what everyone in Cape Town does! You basically wake up at an ungodly hour, go find parking before the normal person has woken up to take their morning shit, walk 5 km to the start of your 10 km race and this all just to say that you have done the Gun Run!

How to survive your first Gun Run (10 km )

  • Do a practice 10 km run just to make sure that you can actually run more than 5 km’s.
  •  Go collect your race pack – Please note that this is a very important process, not only for the before picture you can add on Instagram, but also you need your license number pinned on your shirt.
  •  Set those fifty thousands alarms for 4 am.
  •  Make sure that you eat nothing dodgy from your corner curry shop the night before the run. Ladies, make sure that you wee before your run, the queues for the porta loos are a fucken nightmare at these races!
  •  Be sure to have your energy gel sachet, because that is what you saw on some other runners Instagram page. Keep telling yourself to do as the other runners do because you are still new at this.
  • Get in car, drive to Cape Town, find parking and then wait. Manage to get parking at the V&A Waterfront, great because now on top of the extremely expensive race fees, you also have to pay for parking. #SelfInflicted
  • While you wait for another hour you can also smoke about 10 of the best cigarettes out there before your race like I did. *Please note that I have stopped smoking since!
  • Walk to the start of the race. Look for the start gate. Go to gate and wait some more.
  • Start the race at the sound of the gun. Run 10 km. Think to yourself “Look at you go you fucken trooper” while coughing up bits of your lungs!
  • Finish race. Find friends. Take finishing selfie with medal.
  • Post said selfie on every social media platform possible and make sure that everyone knows that you finished this famous run.
  • Find car. Pay expensive parking. Go home.

Please note that this is just me been sarcastic.

Date: 16 October 2016

Distance: 10 kilometers

Time: 1:08:55

So to conclude, just in case you didn’t get the message, I did the Gun Run just to say that I did the Gun Run 🙂