A Capetonian who isn’t too fond of the beach.

With her foul-mouthed ways, Mandy Meyer may come across as a hard ass, but really, she is just a badass with cellulite and stretch marks on her arse.

Once upon a time ago, Mandy was a self-proclaimed rock star. Well, a rock star, but without the musical talent. Binge drinking, recreational drugs, sleepless nights, garage pies and a lack of proper hydration was her way of life. Weighing in at a whopping 110kg, this rock star slowly but surely morphed into an obese couch potato. One simple picture, and countless rude remarks and nicknames was all it took for her to change her ways. And multiple attempts. Multiple attempts at losing weight is what it took.

Now, as a qualified weight loss and nutrition coach, Mandy aims to educate and guide as many people as possible to a healthier and happier life.

It’s more than just about what you put in your mouth. It’s so much more than your diet. It is about your mental health, your sleep patterns, your happiness, your friends and your physical health. It’s about believing in yourself. It is about me showing you what you are capable of, and being there for you while you are achieving your goals.”

Not another meal plan….


Mandy doesn’t write meal plans. Mandy will teach you how to create your own meal plan. A plan that allows you to incorporate foods that you actually eat.

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